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Circuit Scouting
Boston, MA Todd Quarles 2008  









MISSION: Expressions Elite is an organization committed to enhancing the lives of our athletes on and off the court using competition as the tool. We strive to make a positive impact on each athletes’ development as it relates to the fundamentals of basketball, sportsmanship, time management, positive relationship building, structure and discipline. Through the game of basketball, our athletes receive life lessons in order to win at the game of life.

The program, which was developed by Todd Quarles, is designed to provide developmental and academic opportunities for our athletes throughout the New England Area. Expressions Elite is a boy’s student athlete program, which consists of elite basketball players from all over New England. Our goal is to have a quality program that gives athletes the opportunity to improve their skill, develop character both on and off the court, take their game to another level and play competitively. Our mission is to create an environment where students are supported in their individual goals. Growth is continual, there, each player is pushed to the limit and encouraged to continually develop their skills. Practice makes perfect! What they do now affects their future.


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