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    In the Beginning

    The first team was formed in 1986 to allow local youth to compete in Houston leagues and state-wide tournaments. The Hoops started to travel nationwide and quickly became known as one of the elite youth programs in the USA. Their reputation spread and top players throughout the south joined the program. Since that time, the program has reached numerous inner city youth and their families; and now over 15 former players are playing professionally in the NBA, WNBA or NFL, and hundreds have earned college scholarships.


    In the Classroom

    The Houston Hoops places emphasis on the importance of meeting educational goals and preparation for college. With a guidance counselor on staff assisting athletes, the Hoops works with both the schools and the parents to tutor and prepare its athletes. The Houston Hoops' ultimate goal is to help its athletes earn college degrees. Educational training includes ACT and SAT preparation, TASS Testing study, counseling on core curriculum and meeting NCAA guidelines on education. The Houston Hoops continues to follow its athletes' progress throughout college. The program continues to be available to its students and alumni as they make career decisions.


    In the Future

    The Houston Hoops works to educate its athletes on the positive aspects of life to achieve success.  Hard work, socializing with the right crowd, and creating goals are keys to the program. The program has no tolerance for drugs, alcohol and gambling. The Houston Hoops’ goal is to have a positive impact and to help successfully direct its players lives. The Houston Hoops coaches are role models for our players. Each is a volunteer who is carefully screened and must have the well being of the players as their first priority. They not only teach the game of basketball, but also prepare them for life's challenges. Many of our players come from foster or single parent homes and the program provides an avenue for the hopes and dreams of the players to become real. The program is driven by what is best for the child. Whether in a game, practice, classroom, or life, the child is the first priority of the Houston Hoops.



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