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Team Griffin EYBL 'Closed Session': Top Performers

By Ian Mumm / Alec Kinsky, The Season Ticket, 08/11/20, 2:15PM EDT


This weekend Nike EYBL member Team Griffin held the ‘Closed Session.’ The competitive team camp showcased players from the 2021, 2022 and 2023 classes and was a huge success for athletes and coaches alike. The organization was divided into 4 groups competing in pool play games ahead of Sunday’s single-elimination tournament for intra-squad bragging rights. The format and intensity of the camp was fundamental in showing the sheer amount of talent this program has and how much players are developing even under constraints to play in grassroots tournaments this summer as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the camp’s top performers by class. 

Class of 2021

KJ Adams | 6-foot-7 | Westlake (TX)

Fresh off a commitment to Kansas, KJ Adams continued to display why his game has such valued versatility on the floor. An explosive rebounder, Adams is always involved in plays around the rim giving his team extra chances to put points on the board. He can put the ball on the floor with ease and his combination of strength and speed allow him to push bigger defenders around on his way to the basket. His impact as a stretch offensive player adds another dimension to his potential impact on the court.

Adams impact is equally impressive on the defensive end where he effectively guards multiple positions without giving up easy looks to shooters. Impacting shots all over the court and clogging passing lanes are a huge plus to lineup versatility and team defense moving forward.

Keyondre Young | 6-foot-8 | Del City (OK)

Perhaps the most underrated player at the camp, Keyondre Young proved to be a headache for the opposition. The 6-foot-8 swingman saved his best for last, scoring 19 points in the combine championship victory - his second 19 point performance of the weekend. Young is a gifted athlete and a relentless motor, and his ability to impact the game without having a play called for him is eye-opening. Young has impressive perimeter skills for a prospect his size, and his length and quickness allow him to be a nightmare in transition.

New Mexico liked what they saw on the opening night of the camp as the Lobos extended an offer to the rising senior. Expect many more to come as the nation becomes more familiar with the Del City, Oklahoma product.

Trey Alexander | 6-foot-4 | Heritage Hall (OK)

Giving Cason Wallace a run for his money as the best player of the weekend, Trey Alexander showcased his whole bag of offensive skills. Displaying a strong mix of shots as well, Alexander was able to be an effective distributor from the middle of the defense. His consistency and frequency as a perimeter shooter opened up a lot of options inside for him to attack the defense off the dribble. He was very comfortable hitting pull-up jumpers from the elbow and splitting double-teams to get to the rim. Alexander was also disruptive guarding players in transition and created turnovers throughout the weekend for extra possessions.

He holds offers from Arkansas, Florida State, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State among others. The 4-star guard will be a reliable addition on both ends of the floor at his next stop.

Daimion Collins | 6-foot-8 | Atlanta (TX)

Team Griffin featured potentially 3 5-star centers on their teams this weekend. Daimion Collins will reach the college ranks soonest and will assuredly be an impact rebounder when he steps foot on campus. He’s explosive around the rim and has a quick first and second leap to attack the glass and block shots. His mobility and athleticism also lend to a balanced offensive game with solid footwork. Collins is comfortable hitting jumpers in the lane and extending his shot to the 3-point line. He possesses the ability to put the ball on the floor and get to ideal spots to score the ball including handling the rock on the fastbreak.

Collins has offers from Kansas, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Alabama to name a few. His offensive skillset will continue to progress and there is room to add weight to his frame to become an even more dominant player.

DJ Freeman | 6-foot-6 | Casady (OK)

One of the grittiest and most active players from the whole weekend was DJ Freeman. He was explosive around the hoop and was the most aggressive rebounder on the floor throughout live action. He tracks shots off the rim very well and provides plenty of hustle to produce second-chance points for his team. Freeman was also effective on the offensive end finding holes in the defense to flash and hit midrange jumpers off the dribble, but he also was able to put the ball on the floor and elevate through contact. He has tremendous control of his body and uses it well to finish tough plays. 

Freeman’s best performance was a 19 point and 14 rebound effort in Sunday’s championship game. His offensive game is expanding and he possesses the ability to stretch the floor from the perimeter. He currently has offers from Hampton and Oral Roberts University and should expect to see more coming his way soon.

Class of 2022

Cason Wallace | 6-foot-4 | Richardson (TX)

Arguably putting forth the best showing at the camp, Cason Wallace consistently produced every time he stepped foot on the floor. His effort was unrelenting and he was engaged at all times. Wallace is tough and routinely showed his ability to finish around the rim through contact. He mixed his shots well with floaters in the lane, pull-up and step-back jumpers, as well as consistent results from the perimeter. Wallace operated well out of the pick-and-roll and displayed a high level of creativity to not only score the ball, but produce better opportunities for his teammates to hit shots. 

Wallace holds offers from Arkansas, Auburn, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech and many more across the nation. The current 4-star prospect is likely to continue to push his way up the rankings towards 5-star territory.

Chase Martin | 6-foot-5 | Jenks (OK)

Junior Chase Martin was certainly a player on the floor that simply couldn’t be ignored. He repeatedly made plays down the stretch and was always in the thick of the action. Martin was effective running the point for his team, but was equally as impactful playing off ball. He knocked down several 3-pointers a game from a catch-and-shoot standpoint, but was also incredibly comfortable getting to open spots off the dribble to score as well. He was patient in reading defenses through the pick-and-roll and was a quality facilitator for his squad. Martin also boasts a solid frame to compete in the high post and operating in limited spaces.

Martin does not currently hold any D1 offers, but interest has been heating up with his play lately.

Adante’ Holiman | 5-foot-10 | McAlester (OK)

Definitely one of the more difficult guards to defend at Team Griffin’s camp, Adante’ Holiman has a lot to offer on the offensive end. He has good speed and uses it well with explosive bursts through double-teams and traps to set up his shot or one for a teammate. He thrives in the pick-and-roll and surveys the floor well, but Holiman is more than capable of taking it to the rim as well. He doesn’t mind contact and was smart in initiating it himself to draw fouls at the basket. A reliable jumper makes Holiman a threat to score repeatedly from the perimeter throughout the game and he’s equally capable of stopping on a dime to get his shot off on the move.

He currently holds offers from UMKC and Akron, with added interest from Creighton, Denver, Drake and Missouri.

Caden Fry | 6-foot-8 | Owasso (OK)

In a program stacked full of quality frontcourt talent, Caden Fry still found ways to make his presence felt on both ends of the floor. Even at 6’9” he displayed plenty of quickness and hip movement to defend guards from the mid-court line. He carried high energy on offense and made quick decisions in the post to score possession after possession. Fry was able to be a threat on the fast break and comfortably put the ball on the floor to attack the basket. He managed to also utilize his ballhandling in the halfcourt to facilitate to open perimeter shooters off the dribble. The collective skills and versatility from Fry were impressive.

Fry currently does not hold any offers, but that should change very soon.

TJ Caldwell | 6-foot-4 | Faith Family (TX)

A high lQ slasher, TJ Caldwell made all the right plays this weekend. Caldwell never forced the issue to the point of turnovers and pulled the ball out to reset when opportunities closed. Caldwell is a crafty ball-handler and had little difficulty penetrating gaps in the defense. He finished well at the rim and had plenty of acrobatic finishes in his repertoire to keep defenses guessing. He has strong body control in the air and plenty of hang time to fake shot blockers into moving the wrong direction. Caldwell’s speed and athleticism put a lot of pressure on opposing defenses to rotate and collapse the lane quick enough to prevent layups possession after possession.

Caldwell has offers from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, SMU, Tulsa and Nebraska.

Class of 2023

David Oyona | 6-foot-10 | Sunrise Christian (KS)

There should be plenty of interest in sophomore big man David Oyona after this weekend’s event. Oyona was a dominant rebounding threat in every game and had no trouble playing above the rim on both ends of the floor. He showed strong discipline in timing shot contests and blocked several shots per game. He gave a lot of effort making plays many bigs aren’t comfortable doing. He dove on the floor for loose balls, hustled to rotate on defense and has plenty of physical development at this stage to effectively box out nearly everyone on the floor. Oyona has solid footwork offensively and is comfortable fighting through double-teams to score the ball. 

He has seen early interest from some Power 5 programs and has received offers from TCU, Minnesota and Oklahoma. Oyona’s game will continue to progress on both ends of the floor, but he was able to beat 2021 5-star Daimion Collins on multiple occasions at this stage in his development.

Gus Yalden | 6-foot-8 | Asheville School (NC)

Consistent production has emanated from sophomore big man Gus Yalden this summer and this weekend’s results were no different. Yalden has displayed strong post skills at this stage and has been comfortable with his footwork to operate effectively out of the post. Hook shots, jumpers and double-moves are well within his arsenal to attack the defense, but his ability to easily stretch the floor is a very intriguing aspect to his game. Yalden has lots of potential as an on-ball screener with options to roll and pop for scoring chances. He has strong touch around the basket, as well as the perimeter, and has tremendous on court IQ to direct guards to ideal scoring positions for himself and the team. He displayed subtler traits as an offensive initiator and easily distributed the ball to open shooters off the dribble. 

Yalden has been a hot commodity this summer possessing offers from Florida State, Indiana, Wisconsin, Maryland and West Virginia in addition to schools from every Power 5 conference. He will continue to pile on the offers with such a versatile skillset.

Parker Friedrichsen | 6-foot-3 | Bixby (OK)

Simply put, Parker Friedrichsen is one of the best pure shooters in the class. The 6-foot-2 guard put on a shooting clinic over the weekend, and he came in riding a hot-hand. The previous weekend at MAYB Nationals, Friedrichsen averaged 23 points and hit 40 3-pointers over eight games. He moves well without the ball and rarely takes a bad shot, and his ability to stretch the floor helps his teammates create space offensively.

Look for Friedrichsen to be an integral part of Team Griffin's 15U unit moving forward, and expect him to hit a lot of three-pointers in the process.

Drew Steffe | 6-foot-5 | Frisco Memorial (TX)

Now standing at a solid 6-foot-5, Drew Steffe is one of the fastest-rising prospects in the nation. Along with Friedrichsen, Steffe makes a solid argument for best overall shooter in the program, and his range basically extends to 'in-the-gym.' However, it wasn't his shooting that impressed over the weekend. Steffe showcased an improving all-around game that saw him attack the basket and utilize an evolving floater. Steffe is still coming together as a defender, but his effort and instincts allow him to be a more-than-effective stopper on the perimeter.

Steffe, a product of Frisco Memorial high school in Texas, is in store for a huge sophomore season. Shot-makers translate, and Steffe is one of the top perimeter options in the country.

Other standouts:

Tyler Smith | 2023 | W

Brandon Garrison | 2023 | F

Anthony Pritchard | 2021 | PG

Princeton Johnson | 2021 | G

Jackson Skipper | 2021 | F

Jacobe Johnson | 2023 | G


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