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The Circuit League II: All-Circuit Teams

By The Season Ticket Staff, 09/03/20, 1:45PM EDT


The 2020 Circuit League season concluded over the weekend, and it was filled with some awesome basketball from four different age levels.

Several athletes stood out from the pack, highlighted below in our All-Circuit teams. Check out the top performers below, and make sure to check back this fall for more updates as we continue to make announcements for next spring.

Interested in photos from last weekend's event? CLICK HERE!

Top Performances of Session

Best Game:

Academy 33 Red (OK) def. Buddy Buckets (OK) 80-79 in OT

Best Individual Performance

2022 Select One (TX) swingman David Gai: 37 PTS in a win over Texas Legion Elite

Offensive Player of the Session

2021 GTH 4XIII (OK) guard Devon Barnes: 25.0 PPG

  • 26 PTS (6 3PTM) in a win over DJH5 Elite
  • 25 PTS (3 3PTM) in a win over D1 Nation
  • 24 PTS vs. We All We Got
  • 25 PTS vs. Buddy Buckets

Defensive Player of the Session

Academy 33 (OK) forward Daimion Collins: 5.5 BPG, 8.5 RPG


1st Team

Sean Pedulla - Buddy Buckets (OK)

Class: 2021
Height: 6-foot-2
HS: Edmond Memorial (OK)

  • 25 PTS (5 3PTM), 7 AST, 5 REB vs. Academy 33 Red
  • 19 PTS (2 3PTM), 4 REB, 4 AST in a win over DN Oklahoma
  • 23 PTS, 11 REB, 7 AST, 3 STL in a win over Team Speights
  • 14 PTS, 3 REB, 3 AST in a win over GTH 4XIII

Sean Pedulla continued his great summer this session. His Shooting ability from deep range gives him the ability to score from all three levels. Pedulla was crafty finishing around the rim all  weekend and got all his teammates involved.

KJ Adams - Academy 33 Red (OK)

Class: 2021
Height: 6-foot-7
HS: Westlake (TX)
Committed: Kansas

  • 18 PTS in a win over Drive Nation EYBL
  • 19 PTS vs. LivOn-Fleur De Lis
  • 30 PTS, 11 REB in a 79-78 OT win over Buddy Buckets
  • 13 PTS in a win over The North (LA)

KJ Adams, a recent Kansas commit, showed us his strength throughout the whole event. In a game that went into overtime against Team Buddy Buckets, Adams willed them to victory, scoring 30 points and grabbing 11 rebounds while capitalizing on some major offensive opportunities down the stretch. His athletic ability and wingspan allowed him to play above the rim, and his mid-range game has improved tremendously.

Keyonte George - Drive Nation EYBL (TX)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-4
HS: iSchool of Lewisville (TX)

  • 19 PTS in a win over Court of Dreams
  • 24 PTS vs. Academy 33 Red
  • 23 PTS (5 3PTM) vs. LivOn-Fleur De Lis

Keyonte George is great at playing down hill. His aggressiveness made scoring easy for him all event long. George's pull-up game off screens was unstoppable, and also was a great facilitator to his teammates. George is a two-time selection the the All-Circuit League First Team and has proven to be one of the best scorers in the class.

Devon Barnes - GTH XIII (OK)

Class: 2021
Height: 6-foot-1
HS: Lawton Christian (OK)

  • 26 PTS (6 3PTM) in a win over DJH5 Elite
  • 25 PTS (3 3PTM) in a win over D1 Nation
  • 24 PTS vs. We All We Got
  • 25 PTS vs. Buddy Buckets

Devon Barnes was a force on both sides of the ball last weekend, and he showcased an elite ability to put the ball in the basket. His ability to guard 94 feet made it hard for his opponents to make plays, and he turned defense into offense frequently. In the halfcourt, Barnes was able to get into the lane and be a playmaker. Barnes is criminally-underrated and should continue to pick up interest.

Keon Coleman - LivOn-Fleur De Lis (LA)

Class: 2021
Height: 6-foot-6
HS: Opelousas Catholic

Committed: Kansas

  • 26 PTS in a win over Academy 33 Black
  • 18 PTS, 5 REB in a win over Academy 33 Red
  • 21 PTS, 2 STL in a win over Drive Nation

Keon Coleman helped his team get a huge win over Drive Nation EYBL to start off the session, and he didn't slow down. He scored a game-high 26 PTS in an upset win over Academy 33 Red, proving to be an absolute menace in transition. Using his quick first step and high jumping ability to finish over defenders, Coleman is oozing with applicable athleticism. His speed was noticeable in transition, leading to frequent dunks and layups. It's easy to see why he's considered a 5-star football recruit, and by the looks of his performances in Dallas, he's not far behind on the basketball court.

2nd Team

Ethan Scott - Buddy Buckets (OK)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot
HS: Mustang (OK)

  • 20 PTS (6 3PTM), 2 AST vs. Academy 33 Red
  • 14 PTS (2 3PTM), 2 STL in a win over DN Oklahoma
  • 19 PTS (5 3PTM), 2 REB in a win over Team Speights SWFL

One of the purest shooters on the court during Session II, Ethan Scott was an incredibly reliable backcourt-mate for point guard Sean Pedulla. Like his counterpart, Scott was dialed in all weekend and needed only inches to get his shots over the defense. He has deep range and proved time again it doesn't take much for him to heat up. 

Carlos Stewart - LivOn-Fleur De Lis (LA)

Class: 2021
Height: 6-foot-1
HS:  Dunham School (LA)
Committed: Santa Clara

  • 22 PTS, 2 STL, 2 AST in a win over Academy 33 Red
  • 20 PTS, 3 AST, 2 REB, 2 STL in a win over Drive Nation

Carlos Stewart was the catalyst last weekend for Louisiana's EYBL affiliate, and it makes you wonder how badly we were robbed by not seeing him run in the 17U Nike EYBL. The Santa Clara commit is physically-gifted strength-wise, and he knows how to use his bulldozer frame to control the pace and finish at the rim. He genuinely makes each of his teammates better, and he should be an instant-impact player next fall at Santa Clara after a big senior season at Dunham School.

Trey Alexander - Academy 33 Red (OK)

Class: 2021
Height: 6-foot-3
HS: Heritage Hall (OK)

  • 16 PTS vs. LivOn-Fleur De Lis
  • 19 PTS, 4 REB in a 79-78 win over Buddy Buckets
  • 18 PTS (2 3PTM) in a win over Drive Nation EYBL
  • 12 PTS in a win over The North (LA)

There aren't many better pure scorers in the 2021 class than Trey Alexander, and his offensive arsenal was on full-display in Dallas. Alexander looked comfortable alongside his usual running mates, and his ability to create with the ball in his hands was something to see. He's a leader on the court, consistently talking to his teammates and keeping everyone engaged. Alexander had arguably the most clutch moment of the event, knocking down two free throws with under a second to play to lift Academy 33 Red to an 80-79 win over rival Buddy Buckets.

Daniel Ortiz - The North (LA)

Class: 2021
Height: 6-foot
HS: Calvary Baptist (LA)

Commitment: North Alabama

  • 17 PTS vs. We All We Got
  • 17 PTS vs. Team Speights SWFL
  • 26 PTS vs. Academy 33 Black

Ortiz was one of the most consistently productive point guards during the session. He moves defenses with the ball in his hands and has a big arsenal of shots to score when he makes his move. He has a solid frame to handle contact in the lane and isn't afraid to mix it up with frontcourt players to grab rebounds. He showed a lot of patience and a high IQ on both ends of the floor and was always in the right position at the right time.

Rylan Griffen - Drive Nation EYBL (TX)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-4
HS: Richardson (TX)

  • 22 PTS (4 3PTM) in a win over Court of Dreams
  • 12 PTS vs. Academy 33 Red

Similar to what he's done earlier this summer, Rylan Griffen put on a show on his home floor in Dallas. Griffen's ability to break his defender down off the dribble and execute his pull-up game is almost unstoppable, and it's a key aspect to his offensive repertoire. His three point shot has improved, expanding his range and giving him even more scoring options. If he starts playing consistent defense, he turns into a potential five-star recruit.

3rd Team

Zinedine Bedri - TRT Academy (TX)

Class: 2021
Height: 6-foot-10
HS: Spring Creek Academy (TX)

  • 20 PTS vs. Mudiay Elite
  • 12 PTS vs. Team ESBY

In the mold of modern big man, Bedri has the mobility and shooting ability to do everything on the court. He showed a high IQ on the floor and filled open zones in the defense to maximize his scoring chances. He was able to put the ball on the floor on the break, facilitate for others on his team from multiple positions in the half-court and had plenty of touch to shoot from the perimeter. 

Daimion Collins - Academy 33 Red (OK)

Class: 2021
Height: 6-foot-9
HS: Atlanta (TX)

  • 4 PTS, 7 BLK vs. LivOn Fleur De Lis
  • 8 PTS, 8 REB, 6 BLK in a 79 -78 win over Buddy Buckets
  • 12 PTS, 6 REB, 6 BLK in a win over Drive Nation EYBL
  • 5 PTS, 9 REB, 4 BLK vs. The North

Collins was a shot-blocking machine in Dallas. His length and athleticism allow him to disrupt everything around the rim, and he added to his production by deflecting numerous passes throughout his four-game stretch. Collins is great in pick-and-roll player, and if he continues to expand his offensive approach with an improved face-up game, his offense will soon catch up to his defense.

Xavier Glenn - Oklahoma Hustle

Class: 2021
Height: 6-foot-3
HS: Bixby (OK)

  • 12 PTS vs. ODM Elite
  • 21 PTS vs. Academy 33 Black
  • 13 PTS vs. LivOn-Fleur De Lis
  • 10 PTS vs. MC Elite

Xavier Glenn had an overall great weekend. He had an impact in every aspect of the game for his Oklahoma Hustle team. His rebounding created fast breaks, his defense created turnovers, and his high intensity on offense created baskets. Expect Glenn to receive college interest heading into his senior season at Bixby.

Erin Wright Jr - DJH5 Elite (TX)

Class: 2021
Height: 6-foot-3
HS: Carter (TX)

  • 11 PTS in a win over Texas Swish
  • 22 PTS vs. GTH

Erin Wright played consistent all weekend, and put up his best performance against the most difficult backcourt challenge of DJH5's 4-game weekend stretch. Wright was impressive in the halfcourt and utilized his pace to keep the game at his speed. DJH5 was a couple free throws away from going 4-0 in Dallas, and the production from Wright is a big reason why.

Carlos Clater - DJH5 Soldiers (TX)

Class: 2021
Height: 5-foot-11
HS: Kimball (TX)

  • 10 PTS in a win over DN CTX
  • 19 PTS in a win over Southern Assault
  • 11 PTS in a win over MC Elite

Carlos Clater has a pure 'attack' mindset. He scores the ball well from all three levels and makes the most of his chances on the court - while rarely turning the ball over. His is a threat from the perimeter, but has an established repertoire of shots to score around the paint and isn't afraid to contest the bigs. Albeit a tad undersized, Clater is a gamer and put on a show for the DJH5 Soldiers in Dallas.

Diego Colón - STAT Elite (TX)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-1
HS: Homeschool

  • 14 PPG, 5.2 APG (4-0)

STAT Elite turned in a 4-0 performance this weekend, and they wouldn't be able to say that without the production from their point guard Diego Colón. The 6-foot-1 Colón controlled the pace of the game all weekend, and his 21 assists in four games was one of the most impressive statistics in the entire tournament.

Antoneo Pavia - Team ESBY (TX)

Class: 2021
Height: 5-foot-11
HS: Duncanville (TX)

  • 22 PTS in a win over TRT
  • 13 PTS in a win over Team MASH
  • 20 PPG, 7.0 APG, 6.0 RPG, 3.0 SPG

A natural scorer, Pavia was near the top of the leaderboard for Session II. He doesn't force the issue when the ball is in his hands and takes what the defense gives him, and he was terrific in both facets in Dallas. Pavia moves well downhill and has a soft touch scoring around the rim. He has a good mix of midrange shots to compliment his smooth stroke from the perimeter. He won't be depended on to score as much during his senior year at Duncanville, but it's nice to see that he can control a game while impacting so many different statistical categories.

Honorable Mention:

Elijah Hill - Texas Takeover

Nicholas Best - Texas Takeover

Jacoby Bellazar - We All We Got (LA)

Gage Larvadain -  We All We Got (LA)

Jordan Walsh - Drive Nation EYBL

Khalil Mahtani - Court Of Dreams

Jovani Benae - Court Of Dreams

Gannon Parker - Team ESBY (TX)

Tyler Pinder - GTH 4XIII (OK)


1st Team

Dorian Finister – LivOn/Fleur De Lis EYBL (LA)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-5
HS: Carver (LA)

  • 11 PTS, 3 REB in a win over DN Oklahoma
  • 23 PTS in a win over Texas Dynasty
  • 26 PTS vs. Reform Sports Training
  • 22 PTS vs. Drive Nation EYBL

The 2022 guard was the scoring backbone of LivOn-Fleur De Lis’ successful 3-1 session record. With over 20 points per game, Finister was getting the job done at all three levels. He was consistently disrupting passing lanes on the defensive end, leading the break from end to end and finding creative ways to put points on the board. He had no problems elevating his play in bigger games, as evidenced by 26 and 23-point performances over Reform Sports Training and Texas Dynasty respectively. His recruitment has been relatively limited to in-state programs thus far, but the ‘do it all’ guard should see an uptick in interest soon.

Avery Jackson Jr - Texas Dynasty

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-1
HS: Frisco Memorial (TX)

  • 19 PTS (4 3PTM) vs. Drive Nation EYBL
  • 19 PTS (3 3PTM) in a win over Drive Nation Oklahoma
  • 16 points in a win over Southern Assault-Ellis
  • 7 points vs. LivOn-Fleur De Lis

One of the toughest outs at Session II, Texas Dynasty was led by Jackson’s high scoring to a 3-1 record. Adding 15+ points per game, including a pair of 19-point outings against Drive Nation EYBL and Drive Nation Oklahoma, the Frisco Memorial (TX) guard was consistently making positive plays for his team. Pesky on the defensive end of the floor, he created plenty of turnovers to start the fastbreak and create momentum for his team. Jackson has repetitively shown strong play against top competition and will look to see his recruitment take off soon.

Noah Shelby - Drive Nation EYBL (TX)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-2
HS: Greenhill School (TX)

  • 29 PTS (5 3PTM), 5 REB in a 2OT win over Reform Sports Training
  • 23 PTS in a win over LivOn-Fleur De Lis
  • 10 PTS vs. Texas Dynasty

Making the All-Tournament list in both Circuit League sessions, the 2022 guard was on top of his game again. Averaging 20.7 points per game, Shelby’s scoring outbursts of 29 and 23 helped push Drive Nation to overtime wins over fellow Nike EYBL teams Reform Sports Training (Team Thad) and LivOn-Fleur De Lis respectively. Against LivOn, he hit the game-tying three-pointer as the buzzer sounded to send the game to OT. His ability to handle lead guard duties and consistently nail perimeter shots will continue to result in Power 5 interest for the 4-star guard. Expect more offers to roll in as the grassroots season enters the second half.

Amarr Knox - Reform Sports Training (TN)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-3
HS: Memphis Central (TN)

  • 13 PTS vs. Drive Nation
  • 23 PTS in a win over LivOn-Fleur De Lis

The more he played, the stronger Knox got this weekend. The Memphis Central product gave defenses trouble from the perimeter and was able to create driving lanes for himself and his teammates. His weekend high 23-points against LivOn-Fleur De Lis (LA) was a perfect close to the session and showed a more well-rounded skillset to the 2022 guard’s game. Knox was a pesky defender and created multiple opportunities for his team to win games. His recruitment should begin to emerge in the coming months.  

Austin Benigni – Texas Takeover Pete

Class: 2022
Height: 5-foot-11
HS: The Woodlands (TX)

  • 19 PTS in a win over Texas Swish 
  • 19 PTS in a win over Drive Nation CTX
  • 21 PTS in a win over City Hot Shots

Tallying 19.7 points per game, Benigni led his team to close victories and an undefeated weekend. His play on the floor was violent and he found his shots wherever he wanted. He plays well under pressure and doesn’t have any problems fighting through contact or being physical as a defender or scoring the ball. Benigni sees the floor well and makes impact plays with the ball in his hands. With only a couple offers on the table, he is certainly one to watch in the coming weeks to see an expanding recruitment.

2nd Team

Solomon Washington - LivOn-Fleur De Lis (LA)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-6
HS:  Carver (LA)

  • 23 PTS, 6 REB, 4 AST, 2 BLK in a win over DN Oklahoma
  • 18 PTS in a win over Texas Dynasty
  • 15 PTS vs. Reform Sports Training
  • 12 PTS vs. Drive Nation EYBL

The 6-foot-6 forward was one of the most physical players on the court this weekend. Washington’s high motor pushed him to consistent defensive production and dominance on the glass. His 18+ points per game, including 23 over Drive Nation Oklahoma, made him a dangerous scoring threat inside the perimeter. Capable of running the floor and playing above the rim, Washington is a guy you must account for at all times on both ends of the court. With in-state offers from a handful of programs already outstanding, word should quickly spread of his talent and infectious energy on the floor.

Kenny Hardy - Texas Dynasty

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-6
HS: Irving MacArthur (TX)

  • 17 PTS vs. LivOn Fleur De Lis
  • 15 PTS in a win over Southern Assault-Ellis
  • 9 PTS in a win over Drive Nation Oklahoma
  • 13 PTS in an OT win over Drive Nation EYBL

There aren’t columns in stat sheets to completely show the production and effort Hardy puts forth on a basketball court. Even on an incredibly balanced team, he finds ways to stand out. The 2022 wing was a key defensive cog for Texas Dynasty frustrating offensive players into turnovers, forcing bad shots and even racking up 4 charges against LivOn-Fleur De Lis. He is an aggressive rebounder and uses his body well to draw contact in-and-around the rim on his way to 12.7 PPG.

Kyran Ratliff - LivOn-Fleur De Lis (LA)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-9
HS: Booker T Washington (LA)

The 6-foot-9 big man was a huge defensive anchor for his team this weekend. He was consistently present protecting the rim, both on-ball and as a weak side helper, and disrupted many shots every game. The highlight was a 17-point performance leading to a call up to the 17U team for half the session. He more than held his own after the step up in competition and will look to improve his game with more experience splitting time between the two divisions in the future. Already seeing some high major interest, Ratliff’s growth and potential are bound to draw in more programs.

Dok Muordar – Select One (TX)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-11
HS: Santa Margarita (CA)

  • 21 points in a win over Drive Nation Oklahoma
  • 10 points in a win over Legion Elite
  • 24 points in a win over Southern Assault-Ellis

The 7-foot center known for his defensive skills around the rim put in complete performances this session. Muordar averaged over 14 points per game and displayed tons of offensive consistency for Select One. He has a good offensive base to post up defenders and was able to put the ball on the floor to score in various ways most notably in his 20-point outing against Southern Assault. The 2022 big man should see plenty of interest in the near future.

David Gai – Select One (TX)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-7
HS: Marian (TX)

  • 37 points in a win over Legion Elite
  • 24 points in a win over Southern Assault-Ellis
  • 8 points in a win over Drive Nation Oklahoma

Lighting up the scoreboard this weekend, Gai was one of the most lethal scoring threats during the entire session. The 6’7 wing was consistently getting to his spots and knocking down his attempts. His ability to hit perimeter shots provided solid balance to his scoring attack and made him a very dangerous player to pin down defensively. Gai is another player on the list that has seen a very limited recruitment to this point and has the talents to be a reliable contributor at the next level.

3rd Team

Dionjahe Thomas - Louisiana Broncos

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-8
HS: Ellender (LA)

  • 14 PTS vs. Texas Swish
  • 11 PTS vs. Team PUSH
  • 17 PTS vs. Texas Takeover
  • 10 PTS vs. Texas Legion
  • 14 PTs vs. Oklahoma Hustle

Thomas was one of two Broncos to score double-figures in all five games in Dallas, and the 6-foot-8 big man proved to be super-efficient down low. Thomas impacted the game on both ends of the floor, and his ability to run the court was probably the most enticing part of his game. He was able to contribute without getting into foul trouble, and his consistency was a main factor in the Broncos finishing with a 3-2 record for the weekend.

Lee Dort – Drive Nation EYBL (TX)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-10
HS: Greenhill School (TX)

  • 14 PTS, 11 REB in a 2OT win over Reform Sports Training
  • 10 PTS, 11 REB vs. LivOn
  • 8 PTS vs. Dynasty

Continuing his physical play inside, Dort makes the All-Tourney list in both Circuit League sessions. He was nearly unstoppable when he had the ball on the block and offensive rebounds were pulled in at a high rate. Not many players at this stage can move him around at will, affording him chances to go on scoring runs. Dort was a monster on the defensive end, racking up over 3 blocks per game. He has plenty of high major interest and will continue to see it flow in as we approach the prep season.

Brandon Rodgers-Hardy - Louisiana Broncos

Class: 2023
Height: 6-foot-3
HS: Zachary (LA)

  • 15 PTS vs. Texas Swish
  • 14 PTS vs. Team PUSH
  • 19 PTS vs. Texas Takeover
  • 12 PTS vs. Texas Legion
  • 11 PTS vs. Oklahoma Hustle

The 6-foot-3 Zachary (LA) product was in his bag all weekend, scoring in double-figures in all five games while displaying the ability to score from all three levels. Rodgers-Hardy averaged 15.0 PPG against two 17U teams while leading the Broncos to a 3-2 overall record for the weekend. Consistency was key for Rodgers-Hardy, and he should see an uptick in his recruitment after his strong weekend

Chase Kennedy – Texas Dynasty

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-5
HS: Episcopal School of Dallas

  • 13.3 PPG, 10.5 RPG, 2.2 BPG (4 game averages)
  • 9 PTS in an OT win over Drive Nation EYBL

Another one of Texas Dynasty's gritty players, Chase Kennedy is one of the most physical defenders on the team. He excels on the glass and can guard positions 1-4 very well. He is patient scoring the ball and finds openings in the defense to attack the rim. He has no issues playing through contact and finishes well close to the basket.

Javion Guy-King – Reform Sports Training (TN)

Class: 2022
Height: 6-foot-6
HS: Mills University Studies (AR)

  • 11 points in a win over We All We Got
  • 15 points in a win over Oklahoma Hustle
  • 11 points vs. Drive Nation EYBL

The 6-foot-6 wing was all over the offensive end, contributing points in any manner his team needed. Guy-King was consistent producer on the perimeter, but also displayed strong size and strength to battle through contact in the paint. Possessing a number of offers already, more schools should come calling for the versatile two-way player.

Honorable Mention

Colby Henderson – Texas Dynasty

Chris Holley – City Hot Shots (CA)

Reginald Stoner - LivOn-Fleur De Lis (LA)

Jalen Bolden - Louisiana Broncos

Ke'lel Ware - Reform Sports Training (TN)


First Team

John Kelly - LivOn-Fleur De Lis (LA)

Class: 2023
Height: 6-foot-7
HS: Crescent City Christian (LA)

  • 16 PTS (7-8 FG, 2-2 3PTM), 10 REB Nike D1
  • 11 PTS vs. Lousiana Titans
  • 12 PTS in a win over Reform Sports Training (TN)
  • 8 PTS (3-5 FG), 6 REB

John Kelly made a major impact this weekend, and the 6-foot-7 swingman did it in a variety of ways. He was super efficient, scoring the ball at a 60% clip from the field while averaging over five boards per game. LivOn's 15U unit is extremely talented, and the development from Kelly should make them into one of the most talented 16U squads in the country next season.

Kam Johnson - LivOn-Fleur De LIs (LA)

Class: 2023
Height: 5-foot-9
HS: Archbishop Shaw (LA)

  • 17 PTS, 3 AST, 2 REB vs. Louisiana Titans

A very effective change of pace guard, Johnson gave defenses trouble scoring on all areas of the court. He ran the floor well and played through contact, but it was his mix of shots that lands him on this list. He has a quick first step and was able to utilize his midrange and floaters effectively to pile on points.

Ja'Kobe Walter- Drive Nation EYBL

Class: 2023
Height: 6-foot-4
HS: McKinney (TX)

  • 19 PTS in a win over Reform Sports Training (TN)

Ja'Kobe Walter's recruitment has been on the rise, and after this weekend, it will keep rising. The swingman did everything needed for Drive Nation to win. His ability to rebound the ball and make plays for himself and others does not go unnoticed. He can stretch the floor and make shots, and also has the ability to drive and use the floater efficiently. 

Jahiem Johnson - Louisiana Titans

Class: 2023
Height: 6-foot
HS: Loranger (LA)

  • 20 PTS, 5 REB, 4 STL in a win over Nike D1
  • 17 PTS, 4 REB, 2 STL vs. LivOn

Johnson helped lead the Louisiana Titans in many ways. He was vocal throughout the whole weekend, directing his teammates into right defensive shifts. On the offensive end Hebert was a force. His aggressive play lead to him getting to the foul line and finishing through contact. 

Drew Steffe - Nike D1

Class: 2023
Height: 6-foot-5
HS: Frisco Memorial (TX)

  • 26 PTS vs. They Got Next (OK)
  • 19 PTS vs. LivOn-Fleur-De-Lis
  • 19 PTS vs. Louisiana Titans

Steffe is one of the best all around shooters from the class of 2023. He can create his own shot off the bounce or spot up anywhere around the 3 point perimeter and make shots. Steffe is also great at leading the break, passing to his teammates or finishing at the rim himself. 

Honorable Mention

Tyler Ringgold- LivOn-Fleur De Lis (LA)

Ja'Mari Arnold - Louisiana Titans

James Bridges - Louisiana Titans

Jacobe Johnson - They Got Next (OK)

Dennis Hebert III - Louisiana Titans

RJ Jones - Drive Nation EYBL (TX)

KJ Lewis - Nike D1

Jamyron Keller - Drive Nation EYBL (TX)


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