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NEYC Boo Williams Super Regional: Top Performers

By The Circuit Staff, 05/05/21, 4:45PM EDT


The inaugural NEYC Boo Williams Regional did not disappoint! The expectations were high for the event considering it was the first time in over a year we were able to see all 32-EYBL teams simultaneously since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each time was highly competitive and only one team in the 17U division, host Boo Williams, was able to win their games by an average of at least 10 points per game. We were able to also see the Cal Stars continue their stellar early season play, going undefeated and winning the 17U Platinum division with a 44- point victory over the event host.

Scroll down for a look at the standings, as well as a video from North Tartan highlighting their programs trip to Hampton, Virginia.

MVP: Breya Cunningham, F - Cal Stars (2023)
The Cal Stars remained undefeated for the season at Boo Williams, and a major reason why was the play of Breya Cunningham. The 2023 forward put up 30 points in the championship win over Boo Williams, showcasing an array of offensive post moves that kept the defense on their heels. Cunningham showcased the ability to defend multiple positions, and deploys a motor that is difficult to match. Expect Cunningham to continue a terrific spring into the summer, and if she's on her game, the Cal Stars will remain the team to beat.

Paris Clark - Exodus (2022 - UCLA commit)
The most evident aspect of Clark’s game is that she is a Master of Angles. She sets up her moves well, regardless if on the break or from the top of the key, and is able to lull defenses into thinking they have her covered. Clark sees the floor exceptionally well and is able to react in the split of a second to hit open teammates or score underneath rotating or recovering defenders.

Leah Harmon, G - Boo Williams (2024):
The fast-twitch freshman showcased her creativity on the move and ability to stop on a dime to navigate defensive rotations. A strong facilitator with top-notch court vision, Harmon was instrumental in helping her squad reach the Platinum Championship Final.

Paulina Paris - NJ Sparks (2022 - Penn St. commit)
The recent Penn State commit was aggressively attacking the rim and drawing contact throughout the weekend. A 30-point performance capped her overall play throughout the event on her way to averaging 20+ for the weekend. Paris is a crafty ball-handler and ferocious attacking defenses with the ball in her hands.

Talana Lepolo, G - Cal Stars (2022)
The Cal Stars proved themselves to be the top team at the event and can thank their excellent lead guard with helping to guide them to another undefeated tournament. Lepolo displayed excellent court vision to not only create strong scoring opportunities for herself and her team, but also pinpoint placement of her passes to increase the scoring chances for her teammates. Her ability to hit the shooting pocket of her teammates led to high assist totals and blowouts in 4 of their 6 outings.

Lauren Betts, F - Colorado Premier (2022)

Betts held form as the No. 1 ranked recruit in 2022, leading Colorado Premier in scoring and rebounding while finishing top five in both categories for the entire event. Betts has a refined offensive game in the paint, and has natural instincts defensively that help her contest nearly every shot attempted in the lane. Colorado Premier has a dangerous overall unit, and as long as Betts is leading the way, they have a chance to be one of the best teams in the country.

Olivia McGhee, G - Boo Williams (2023)
Making arguably one of the biggest impressions during the tournament was host team-member Olivia McGhee. Receiving 7 offers from Power 6 conference programs in the two weeks following the event, McGhee definitely has colleges on edge. The big guard was able to score the ball effectively throughout the weekend and showcased a tight handle and wiggle in her ability to find space to score. She is one to watch in the future and to keep tabs on.

Ashlynn Shade, G - Lady Gym Rats (2023)
Shade simply loves to score the ball. She is a high IQ player and creates space within the offense to produce at a high rate. Shade is comfortable as both the primary initiator and playing off-ball and showed proficiency as a perimeter and post scoring threat.

Londynn Jones, G - Cal Sparks (2022 - UCLA commit)
A gritty guard on both ends of the floor, Jones showcased her speed all over the court and it’s ability to lead to strong play. Turning up the defensive pressure, she was a catalyst for increasing the team’s offensive opportunities and making teams pay with her penetration and reliable jumpshot.

Janiah Barker, F - Essence (2022) 
Barker exudes the type of energy and effort teams and coaches alike want to see from their forwards. Running the floor for chase down blocks, popping out for jumpers, crashing the boards and finding any way to impact the game is how you could describe Barker’s performance at the event. The 5-star put on a show.

Shay Ciezki - Exodus (2022)
One of the worst kept secrets at the tournament, Ciezki lit up the nets and exhibited very composed play on the floor. She was hitting shots from all sorts of spots and showcasing her versatility putting the ball in the hoop. She flashed great court vision and altering defensive alignments to create prime scoring opportunities.

Laila McLeod, G – Lady Drive Nation (2022)
She may not have been the leading scorer on her team during the tournament, but McLeod was definitely a problem for opposing defenses. Scoring efficiently at all three levels, the junior guard was comfortable taking what the defense gave her before lighting up the nets throughout the tournament.

Hannah Stines, G – Cal Storm (2022)
Stines was a big playmaker during the event and implemented change of pace well into her approach. She was able to get to her spots and keep defenders on their toes before getting continuous paint touches throughout the weekend.

Maddie Cockrell - Lady Drive Nation (2022)
One of several Drive Nation players to turn in multiple double-digit performances over the weekend, Cockrell found it incredibly difficult to miss the net. Scoring 29 and 23 against eventual champion Cal Stars and Philly Rise respectively, she made it known defenses would have to work to shut her down.

Isuneh Brady - Cal Sparks (2022 - UConn commit)
The smooth-shooting lefty was hard to miss this weekend. Brady has excellent touch in-and-around the rim and has a real knack for creating space on her shots. She showed strong body control with the ball on the floor and knows how to move her defenders around to put the ball in the net.


Beatrice Culliton, G - Missouri Phenom (2023)

Hannah Stuelke, F – All Iowa Attack (2022 – Iowa commit)

Kara Dunn, G – Alabama Southern Starz (2022)

Lexas Bargesser, G - Michigan Crossover (2022)

Kiki Rice, G – Fairfax Stars (2022)

Flau’jae Johnson, G - Team Elite (2022)

Hannah Hidalgo, G – Philly Rise (2023)

Jasmyn Lott, G – ProSkills (2022)

Amiya Evans, F – Miami Suns (2022)

Ruby Whitehorn, F – Michigan Crossover (2022)

Amiya Jenkins, W – Kentucky Premier (2022)

Jadyn Donovan, F - Team Takeover (2022)

Mara Braun, G - North Tartan (2022)

Logan Nissley, G - North Tartan (2023)

Katie Fiso, G - Tree of Hope (2024)

Sydney Shaw, G - Miami Suns (2022)

Sydney Bowles, W - Essence (2022)

Cori Allen, G - Tennessee Flight (2023)

JuJu Watkins, G - Cal Swish GBL (2022)

Indya Nivar, G - Carolina Flames (2022)


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