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Circuit Scouting

The Circuit Top 25 Rankings: Vol. 3

By The Circuit, 05/04/23, 8:45PM EDT


The third addition of The Circuit's Top 25 Team Rankings have arrived, just in time for the third session of live periods across all three shoe circuits.

Check out the third iteration of the Top 25 below, and make sure to follow @TheCircuit on twitter for the latest updates.

1 Vegas Elite (NV) Nike EYBL 15-0 Team WhyNot, MeanStreets, Strive For Greatness, Brad Beal Elite
2 Team Final (PA) Nike EYBL 12-1 Indy Heat Gym Rats, Drive Nation, Georgia Stars, AZ Unity ---
3 Team Thrill (MD) UAA 14-2 Texas Impact, Atlanta Xpress, Middlsex Magic, Illinois Wolves, West Coast Elite ---
4 NH Lightning (NY) Nike EYBL 9-3 Nightrydas Elite, Team CP3, Drive Nation Houston Hoops
5 Team Thad (TN) Nike EYBL 10-2 Team United, Florida Rebels, Phenom University, Team WhyNot ---
6 West Coast Elite (CA) UAA 16-2 KC Run GMC, NJ Shoreshots, Team Curry, Texas Impact Team Thrill
7 Team Trae Young (OK) adidas 3SSB 11-2 Team Loaded (VA), Garner Road, Game Elite ASAK Elite
8 Game Elite (GA) adidas 3SSB 17-3 Midwest BC, Compton Magic, Arkansas Hawks Team Trae Young
9 Team CP3 (NC) Nike EYBL 14-2 Expressions Elite, AZ Unity, The Family New Heights Lightning
10 NJ Scholars Nike EYBL 7-1 NY Renaissance, All Ohio Red, Team Griffin JL3
11 Team Takeover (DC) Nike EYBL 6-2 Team Griffin, NY Renaissance, All Ohio Red, ProSkills ---
12 Utah Prospects adidas 3SSB 8-3 Upward Stars, BABC, NY Gauchos Southern Assault
13 Florida Rebels Nike EYBL 11-4 City Rocks, NW Rotary Rebels, All Ohio Red Team Thad
14 Indiana Elite adidas 3SSB 11-2 Brookwood Elite, Dream Vision, Wiz Kids, Team Loaded (NC)
15 Team Curry (NC) UAA 10-3 Wisconsin PGC, Breakaway Basketball, Middlesex Magic DC Premier, West Coast Elite
16 Team Loaded (NC) adidas 3SSB 14-3 ETG Midwest, Wiz Kids, Phenom United Indiana Elite
17 Middlesex Magic (MA) UAA 13-3 Team Charlotte, SOH Elite, NJ Shoreshots Team Curry, Team Thrill
18 New World (DC) adidas 3SSB 8-3 Wildcat Select, BABC, NY Gauchos D1 Minnesota
19 Mass Rivals (MA) adidas 3SSB 10-4 NY Jayhawks, Wiz Kids Dream Vision, Brookwood Elite
20 Brad Beal Elite (MO) Nike EYBL 9-2 All Ohio Red, Team Griffin, NY Renaissance Vegas Elite
21 Southern Assault (TX) adidas 3SSB 9-4 NY Gauchos, Upward Stars, Wildcat Select, Utah Prospects ---
22 Dream Vision (CA) adidas 3SSB 6-2 Mass Rivals, Phenom United, NY Jayhawks Indiana Elite
23 MeanStreets (IL) Nike EYBL 7-3 JL3, ProSkills Vegas Elite, City Rocks
24 Texas Impact UAA 11-4 Arizona Select, Breakaway Basketball Team Thrill, West Coast Elite
25 TJ Ford Elite (TX) adidas Gold 14-3 --- ---