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Quadrant 1 Win Over Ranked Shoe Circuit Program
Quadrant 2 Win Over Shoe Circuit Program
Quadrant 3 Win @ Independent Circuit Event
Quadrant 4 Win @ Regional Event
Bonus Win Over Ranked Opponent
Bonus Win Championship at Event

Introducing The Circuit Score (TCS). The TCS is a multiple linear regression model that allows teams the ability to earn points during the circuit season based on a variety of variables resulting in the following quadrant-based system:


  • Quadrant 1: Win over Shoe Circuit Program (EYBL, 3SSB, UAA, Circuit League)
  • Quadrant 2: Win at Circuit Certified // Circuit Series
  • Quadrant 3: Win at Independent Circuit
  • Quadrant 4: Win at Circuit Regional



  • Shoe Circuit win include every win at a shoe event (Nike EYB, 3SSB, UAA circuits) OR a win over a shoe circuit team at an independent event.


  • Circuit Certified events are hand-picked events from the 25 different event operators, resulting in a super-list of the top independent events in the country. The Circuit Certified list will be announced shortly and will likely be around 50-60 total events.
  • Circuit Series events are a comprehensive list of every event/tournament operated by a shoe-sponsored program. This list will also include elite independent events from operators that don't host more than two events a season.


  • Independent Circuit events are any event operators that structure their event in a structured league format. This includes the following event operators: HoopGroup Showcase League, Bigfoot XL, HoopSeen, NY2LA, PH Circuit, DMV Elite SC, ZGXL. It is important to note that events from these structured circuits can also be listed as Circuit Certified events.


  • Circuit Regional events consist of every remaining event from the 25 selected event operators. 


The Circuit League sessions I, II, III & IV will count the same as winning in a shoe circuit game, giving the top independent teams across the country an opportunity to maximize their season-long score.



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